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Well, what can I say on Candyland? Not much. I was only there for the first ten/fifteen minutes of the show. But for the two hours and forty five minutes I was there while it was supposed to be starting, I managed to drink a pint of water and smoke eight fags. So a good night was had by all. Haha

So please enjoy here, the events of that night, which for me mainly involved Francis, Aoife, Connie and Candy. Yaaay! XD


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What is Maturity?

What is maturity? defines maturity as: ripe, as fruit, or fully aged, as cheese or wine … wait … defines maturity as: fully developed in body or mind, as a person.

But that’s not specific. How do you judge how mature a person is? Is there some sort of scale, or chart? If there is… well then… that’s that, I suppose. If we are to really figure out what maturity actually is, more than likely, we should look at what people generally consider immature.

Take a sixteen year old boy. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear immature sixteen year old boy is fart jokes and pranks. But how exactly is that immature? What makes it so? Is it finding those things funny, when the majority of the rest of people don’t?

Take a sixteen year old girl. The first thing that comes to mind this time, is whining about how horrible her cushy life is. But again, why is it immature?

Immaturity is usually linked to children and teenagers, but it is frightfully common that adults exhibit these exact same practices. Everyone has met a 40/50+ year old man, who giggles and fart jokes, and enjoys the odd practical joke. And adult women are just as guilty of martyring themselves and assuming someone cares when they complain about the same thing for the millionth time.

We all know immaturity spans all age groups. But I reiterate, what is it? Well, I have a theory. I think immaturity is a complete and utter lack of concern for other people.

Think about it, the boy/man who enjoys playing jokes on people for their own enjoyment. The girl/woman who complains and complains without even the slight consideration someone else may have a more pressing problem they want to talk about.

Of course, that being said, maturity also spans all age groups. Out there, there is a percentage of teenage boys who don’t find those crude things funny and teenage girls who only listen. But you never really know they’re there, because they’re the quiet ones. Immaturity is loud.

Anyway, that’s the end of my nonsensical rambling. Here’s a song to go with it, half because it fits rather well, and half because I really like this song.

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A Vlogger? Me?

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Right lads, well first post and all, so lets get right to it. I have no idea what I’m supposed to write about, so let’s start with what I did today. Woke up, and AMAZINGLY wasn’t hungover despite the fantastic amount of alcohol I ingested the night before. I’ll put it to you this way; I hate beer, I hate vodka, I hate wine… That’s all I had to drink! Plus two or three of the most amazing tasting Onion Rings, I’ve ever had in my entire life.

But today, was hangover-less, which must mean I am some form of demi-god, at the very least, like. So yes, today, I smoked my share of tobacco, ate all the food in the house, and was made to tidy my room so I could have money to go see THE MUPPETS tomorrow. But more on that in 24 hours. The worst part of tidying my room? The fact that I am the type of person, who it takes two hours to do something that should have taken thirty minutes. Yeah. I started ti

dying at 4.45 this afternoon, had enough time to watch two Fred Astaire movies and smoke two fags, before I finally finished it at 10.45 and came down here to write this blog, that I’ve wanted and excuse to start for a while now, but was just waiting until I could be arsed.

Well, I’m arsed now and that’s my first post, sooo…. goodnight?

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