Right lads, well first post and all, so lets get right to it. I have no idea what I’m supposed to write about, so let’s start with what I did today. Woke up, and AMAZINGLY wasn’t hungover despite the fantastic amount of alcohol I ingested the night before. I’ll put it to you this way; I hate beer, I hate vodka, I hate wine… That’s all I had to drink! Plus two or three of the most amazing tasting Onion Rings, I’ve ever had in my entire life.

But today, was hangover-less, which must mean I am some form of demi-god, at the very least, like. So yes, today, I smoked my share of tobacco, ate all the food in the house, and was made to tidy my room so I could have money to go see THE MUPPETS tomorrow. But more on that in 24 hours. The worst part of tidying my room? The fact that I am the type of person, who it takes two hours to do something that should have taken thirty minutes. Yeah. I started ti

dying at 4.45 this afternoon, had enough time to watch two Fred Astaire movies and smoke two fags, before I finally finished it at 10.45 and came down here to write this blog, that I’ve wanted and excuse to start for a while now, but was just waiting until I could be arsed.

Well, I’m arsed now and that’s my first post, sooo…. goodnight?


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