What To Do When You Get Home Early?

What to do when you get home early?

Why, bake of course! Todays endevour was Coconut Cream Cake. And was quite yummy, I must say. It turned out good, most of my baking does. Not in an arrogant way, of course. My problems usually come when I get to decoration. I have never been able to successfully make icing and garnish a cake or cupcake or muffin in an attractive way. Although I have had success with biscuits before, for some reason icing seems to elude me. However today I finally managed to get it right. And it came out looking prettier then most of my other cakes ever have. I’m moving on up in the world of baking, I’ll be making Baked Alaska and Chocolate Shuffle before you know it.

I don’t have any pictures transferred yet, so in the mean time, here’s some witty Oz pictures.

I need an Oz tattoo… like, now. XP

Actual baking pictures now,



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