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It’s my Birthday! XD

I can’t find the lead for my camera, so I’ve no way of uploading pictures. Awesome pictures I took of bacon and cakes.

Oh well. Happy birthday me! XD

I found it!!! Yay pictures of Bacon, and I forgot pictures of cake.

So, lets tell this story, shall we? I was out. Out with Francis, Niall and Emma. We went to get drink. We became confused. We stood on the path for over ten minutes trying desperately to make our brains work, so we could figure out what happened. So we decided to go back to college. We drank in Scholars, and Franny bought me a drink, because he’s soo lurvely. So what did we do then?

Niall and Emma went away to order pizza at Emmas, while Fran and I stuck around college until something like 11.00/11.15.

At this point, we were both craving a pizza like no one had ever seen before… I dunno what he did when he got home, but what I did was a process so full with yum, that it’s making me hungry just thinking about it. A process I call… “The Evolution of Nom.

BACON SAMMICH!!!  and to top it all off…   BLACK BOOKS!!!

I would blog about my birthday, but it wasn’t really that eventful. I think I would have preferred another home party. More than likely won’t be going out again. To tell you the truth, I didn’t enjoy myself at all, really.  Oh well. Birthdays tend to be sucky anyway.


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