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My Boyfriend Does My Make-Up

So I’ve been seeing these “My Boyfriend Does My Make-Up Tag” videos floating around YouTube for quite some time now, and I thought why not give it a lash? My first problem was introducing him to the idea. And he seemed to take it well. there were no looks of horror, not even an ‘are you serious?’ look. Just a “Yeah… I suppose.”


That’s himself there, making paper airplanes…

As we begun, I began to get slightly worried about the implications if it turned out well… the gay jokes would flow in… mainly from Francis. However, those worries were immediately diminished when he picked up my No7 face powder and said. “Is this foundation? I think this is foundation.” He smelled it. “Yeah, this is foundation.” And proceeded to put it on my face. He seemed a bit disappointed about how light the covering was so applied it twice more. “I should put concealer over it…”. “I’m not telling you anything.” I said. I would repeat that line another few times.

He decided against it and picked up face primer called ‘Face Perfecter.’ I thought he was going to put this over the powder, but tested some on his fingers first and exclaimed in indignation “This doesn’t cover anything!”

I stayed silent.

Next, he rummaged through my bag. “I found your foundation.”

He proceeded to squirt out a sizable glob onto his fingers and put it on my forehead. “Oh…” he sniggered. My forehead was well and truly caked, I could feel it. “Oh shit, should I be using my fingers?”

“Whatever you want.” He looked a little wary, but soldiered on, trying to spread it about my face, and placing more on my cheeks, chin, nose and temples. “Oh, I got it on your lips… You belong in Trooms.”  He picked up my blush and applied it, and to be honest, it was very well done.

After this, it was the liquid liner. I really don’t know which I would have preferred, liquid, gel or kohl. I have all three. But I just closed my eyes and begged him not to stab me with it. I could feel him put it on half way up my lid. After a few minutes of silent giggling while he applied it, he said to me; “You look like an Amazonian woman.” At the time I didn’t know if it was good or bad… It was bad. He also applied it on my lower lid.

Next up, he picked eyeshadow. “I’ll give you a nice skangy pink,” he said with his cheeky smile. “Oh thanks.” I replied. In fairness to him, he did use the right brush to apply it…. all the way up to my eyebrow.


He thought he was done after this, but he spotted my lipsticks. Picking up my dark brown/almost black/looks kinda purple when on, ’17’ lipstick he put it on… Yeah. If you wanna know how that went, here’s a line from him; “I don’t know where your lips end and your skin begins because I’ve covered it in foundation.”

He got it on my teeth. “And a nice big blob of lipgloss… I got some on your fuckin’ cheek.” He smiled.


I still had not seem myself at this point. “Do you think I’d still get some in Trooms?” I asked. He didn’t answer. I went and looked at myself.


“I look like I’ve been in Trooms for six hours!”

I asked him for a kiss. He wouldn’t give me one. He told me I look like the Joker in that last picture.

Fair fucks to him, I’d be just as lost if it came to guns instead of make-up, paintball, airsoft or otherwise.


Paper airplane finished too. That thing hurt when it hit you. XP


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I WILL Make This Happen

But it might take 50 years. Even if it takes 50 years. I will make all of these to perfection.

meme cakes

That is all…

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