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I WILL Make This Happen

But it might take 50 years. Even if it takes 50 years. I will make all of these to perfection.

meme cakes

That is all…


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Tommy, Paddy and Amurica.

This week, has been the most eventful that I can remember in a long time.  I’ve been coughing up an alien for seven days now, and it’s only beginning to get better, which is wonderful, seeing as it wouldn’t let me sleep beforehand. But enough on that. That was not what was awesome about my week.

I brought Jamie to see Tommy Tiernan for his birthday. For anyone who doesn’t know, Tommy Tiernan is a brilliant Irish comedian, quite controversial and energetic, but hilarious to see all the same. He was doing a “Tour of Limerick” and we went to the last show he had, in the Strand. After that, he went of on a “World Tour of Kerry.” I didn’t think the Strand, a four star hotel, would have the facilities for a world famous comedian, seeing as they’d usually be playing theaters and concert halls. But it was a first come, first serve sort of thing with no set places, and of course, as soon as Jamie found out, he had to arrive an hour before the doors opened to make 100% sure we’d get a front row seat. And sure enough we did. Which had pros and cons.

Pro: We were at the front. Tommy could see us.

Con: We were at the front, Tommy could see us.

As I mentioned previous, I had a rather bad cough, which meant I couldn’t laugh out loud, or else I’d be heaving and spluttering, which is very hard when you’re going to see a comedian. Especially when said comedian calls out people in the audience. But luckily, I avoided that. There were much more attractive chances for him. Especially when he gave the kicker: “Limerick’s just one big halting site, isn’t it?”

But, another plus of arriving early, we got to see him before the show too.

Paddy’s Day. Or St. Patrick’s Day. I didn’t do too much that day. but again, Jamie appears in this story. I went to the Paddy’s Day Parade, really for the sole reason of watching him march with the Reserve Defense Forces.

There he is, third face from the bottom. I dunno what the sight did to me, but the only way to put it was swooning. I was swooning. On the inside, of course.

I heard from him later that they had to march about five miles, including their warm up. Doesn’t sound too bad, until you realize how ridiculously heavy the boots are, and when marching, you stomp, it starts to seem a bit more difficult.  Of course he became all modest and bashful when I told him the effect he had on me, but the effect was still there.

Other than that, all I did Paddy’s Day was have two drinks with my parents. I’m a failure of an Irish person.

I baked a strawberry cake for my mother for Mammy’s Day. 

Based of the “Strawberry Shortcake” demonstrated by Crumb Boss. Theirs always looks better, though.

And my father’s finally gone to Texas today for work, for eight weeks. It’s hitting the high twenties this week too, which is a difference from the tens of Limerick. He left at six in the morning for Shannon Airport, and I don’t think it’s really hit me yet that he’s gone. I’ll probably realize after he doesn’t come home after a few days.

So yeah. Eventful week.

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What To Do When You Get Home Early?

What to do when you get home early?

Why, bake of course! Todays endevour was Coconut Cream Cake. And was quite yummy, I must say. It turned out good, most of my baking does. Not in an arrogant way, of course. My problems usually come when I get to decoration. I have never been able to successfully make icing and garnish a cake or cupcake or muffin in an attractive way. Although I have had success with biscuits before, for some reason icing seems to elude me. However today I finally managed to get it right. And it came out looking prettier then most of my other cakes ever have. I’m moving on up in the world of baking, I’ll be making Baked Alaska and Chocolate Shuffle before you know it.

I don’t have any pictures transferred yet, so in the mean time, here’s some witty Oz pictures.

I need an Oz tattoo… like, now. XP

Actual baking pictures now,


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