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What the Sun Does to the Irish

Sun is very rare in Ireland. Gonna put that out there right now, just so you know.

Maybe, though, it’s not as rare as we think it is. It appears a few times every year in this country, and even fewer times when it’s also warm out.  But we Irish complain about the lack of sun so constantly, it feels like it appears only once every five years. To us, it’s always any other kind of weather except sunny. So when it does come around, it is worshiped as the Egyptians worshiped Ra.

I walk to college. It takes me about forty minutes or so. Today, I had the sun in my face the whole way, and when I got to college, I realized, there were about 25% more freckles on my face than when I’d left. In forty minutes of sunlight, my freckles increased by a fourth. After an hour inside, they’d reduced again. It’s a plight that stereotypically affects 85-90% of us Irish, but realistically only affects about half. Now, my face isn’t covered it freckles, though I do have more of them all over my body and face than most people I know, but they don’t cover every square inch, and range in colour from just about visible to extremely visible. But some people are worse off, and some are better. Those with very dark freckles, tend to be able to pull it off and they can be rather cute. Those freckles with lighter pigmentation, generally tend to go unnoticed, except to the person with them. A lot of people feel their freckles are very visible to others, and most are quite conscious of them, but the truth is, while thinking back and trying to remember those I know with freckles, I realized there were a few who I’d never noticed them on their skin until I looked back.

What’s this article about again? Oh yeah, the sun.

The sun turns the Irish mad. The majority of people are out in the sun, asking you to join them and relax and bask, yet even the few who still remain inside, are asking you why you are not out, enjoying what we might not have tomorrow. So I will say it again, the sun turns the Irish mad. Take for example a gaggle of UL students during “Charity Week.” A time when students are feared and detested.  A time when they believe they are outside the reach of authority and it’s an excuse to cause absolute mayhem; such as uprooting trees and setting wheelie bins on fire. Now that is not to say all students are like that, but it’s those ones who give us a bad name. But see what the sun has done:


It has turned those loud and boorish drinkers into quiet, socializing drinkers.

We need more sun in this country…



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