I WILL Make This Happen

But it might take 50 years. Even if it takes 50 years. I will make all of these to perfection.

meme cakes

That is all…


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Getting Sorted

Okay, so I finally got up off my arse and got Sorted by the Sorting Hat on Pottermore.

However, when I took the quiz, I tried to tailor my results to get me into Hufflepuff because that’s where I knew I belonged. I knew it. Hufflepuff was me, the house described me, not to perfection, but fairly well.

  • Hardworking – Ehh… not so much, unless I’m really really interested in it.
  • Friendly – I suppose, a little shy at first, but I’ll give it a go.
  • Loyal – Most definitely
  • Honest – Yup. Except for a few little white lies, the usual; No, your butt doesn’t look big, you lost loads of weight, etc., etc.
  • Impartial – I do tend to stay out of things that don’t directly involve me.

Hufflepuff has also got the least amount of darkness in its past, and that includes the almighty stuck up their arses Gryffindors.

I know Gryffindor is supposed to be the house that everyone aspires to and aims for because… I dunno, they have big penises or something. But to me Gryffindor is just a bunch of wizards who are stuck up their own hole because for their whole life, they’ve been told Gryffindor is the best house to be put in. And anyone actually in Gryffindor has been groomed to believe they are better than everyone else. In the books, there’s four houses and these four are the good guys, the bad guys and the other two houses. That is literally it.

I have been told before that I think like this, purely to try to pull off an indie image. And that insulted me down to my core.

Indie isn’t even the right term to use, as that is a label purely for music. Hipster was the right term to use. But god help the person who dared to call me hipster completely seriously. Hipster is lower than Scene.

Admittedly, there are a lot of “in” things right now that I dislike or hate and wouldn’t be caught dead near them. Certain music, fashion, movies and books. The basics of a hipster.

I don’t dislike them because they are popular, I dislike them because they are shit.

Simple as.

But anyway, imagine my utter DISGUST when I was placed into Gryffindor!

I was shocked. I actually sat at the computer, mouth agape for a full minute, and then tiny little squeaks began to come from my mouth. Then I began to shriek in outrage.

I could not believe it! I was a Gryffindor. A dirty spoiled high and mighty Gryffindor. I was unceremoniously shoved into the house I hated the most. I would have taken ANY other house. I’d have been so extremely content in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Any house I would have been happy in except for that one. My only consolation was, I look good in red.

I slowly began to accept my fate. I’d have to go through the rest of my life as one of them.

Even the acceptance letter was full of it.

“This is, quite simply, the best house at Hogwarts. It’s where the bravest and boldest end up – for instance: Albus Dumbledore! Yes, Dumbledore himself, the greatest wizard of our time, was a Gryffindor! If that’s not enough for you, I don’t know what is.

I won’t keep you long, as all you need to do to find out more about your house is to follow Harry Potter and his friends as I lead them up to their dormitories. Enjoy your time at Hogwarts – but how could you fail to? You’ve become part of the best house in the school.”

Their traits are courage as well as “daring, nerve, and chivalry”…

So they’re a bunch of cheeky muts? That’s all their known for? Running headfirst into a fight without even looking up? And holding the door open for a woman?

How the hell did they ever survive the second wizarding war? Have these guys ever heard of Sun Tzu?

There are literally hundreds of quotes from him that I could put here that show that Gryffindors are the WORST type of people to have around you when planning or in the middle of a battle. But here’s the best:

“He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.”

Do you realize that that is practically what Voldemort did for the seven books? He waited for Harrys big head to come to him, and he did. Which means a load of important characters got killed because Harry had a surge of testosterone and jumped in without thinking. The only reason Voldy didn’t win, was because he didn’t realize that his secret agent got REALLY pissed that Voldy killed off his favourite pair of tits, so he switched sides.

So yes, I became a Gryffindor. Then I realized I hadn’t been entirely truthful about the quiz, so I signed up with a separate email address and took it again. Answering completely honestly. And if I got landed with Gryffindor again, I’d just have to cry it out.

But thankfully I didn’t. But I also didn’t get my dear Hufflepuff… I got Ravenclaw.

Which, to be honest, I was actually a lot happier about than had I gotten into Hufflepuff, looking back.

Anyway, my really long rant is over, so here’s the Ravenclaw welcome letter, and I think it’ll help you see why I liked it more.

Oh, I also didn’t want to be a Gryffindor because the boyfriend’s a Slytherin…

But that’s in the past now…


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And The Dreams That You Dare To Dream…

Oh darlings, why does it cost so much money to accomplish dreams? Of course, the best things in life are (sometimes) free, but then there some things that you dream of doing that you might not ever get to, or will manage to, but only when you’re in your 70’s.

Okay, lets start from the beginning… My name was Sammy, and I was just a little girl from Kansa- Limerick.

Okay, too far back.

I have recently discovered Etsy. Don’t ask me why it took me so long, I’m unsure myself. Probably because I was too busy browsing YouTube/Facebook/eBay/Wikipedia, what have you.

So, what this has lead to, is basically a revival of interest in something I hadn’t thought about in a while, but what I’d always wanted to do; to go see the Ruby Slippers in person at the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian has about nineteen museums, but the slippers are held in the Pop Culture section of the National Museum of American History.

I could go on for days, giving little bits of trivia learned from the internet and various other sources, but I won’t, I’ll only tell a few, because I’m a know it all, and I enjoy it, dammit.

In the book, the slippers are silver not ruby, they were changed for the movie because they’d be much more eye catching with the new Technicolor technology. Plus, their true colour was more of a burgundy red, rather than the cherry red, seen in the movie. This was because of the primitive way of filming in colour, any white seen on Dorothy was also a light pink shade, that came up white on film.

No one is 100% sure how many pairs of slippers were made for the film, as props weren’t seen as valuble memorabilia back then, so were just forgotten about. There are five known pairs, one in the Smithsonian, and the rest at auction, I think. The “Arabian Slippers” were stolen, and haven’t been found yet.

For the 50th anniversary of the movie, slippers were made with real rubies and diamonds, costing about three million.

Back to my dreams, first; to go see the slippers. Second, to own a replica pair of my own, which takes me back to my discovery of etsy.com

While there, I found this user, who’s created ruby sequined slippers, in platform high heel form, two inch heel form etc. But she’s also made silver sequined slippers that I had a huge fan girl moment over.

Here are some of her creations:



Aren’t they all simply divine? I will own a pair one day. When I can afford them…

But for now, here’s some wonderful music that almost made me cry.

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It’s my Birthday! XD

I can’t find the lead for my camera, so I’ve no way of uploading pictures. Awesome pictures I took of bacon and cakes.

Oh well. Happy birthday me! XD

I found it!!! Yay pictures of Bacon, and I forgot pictures of cake.

So, lets tell this story, shall we? I was out. Out with Francis, Niall and Emma. We went to get drink. We became confused. We stood on the path for over ten minutes trying desperately to make our brains work, so we could figure out what happened. So we decided to go back to college. We drank in Scholars, and Franny bought me a drink, because he’s soo lurvely. So what did we do then?

Niall and Emma went away to order pizza at Emmas, while Fran and I stuck around college until something like 11.00/11.15.

At this point, we were both craving a pizza like no one had ever seen before… I dunno what he did when he got home, but what I did was a process so full with yum, that it’s making me hungry just thinking about it. A process I call… “The Evolution of Nom.

BACON SAMMICH!!!  and to top it all off…   BLACK BOOKS!!!

I would blog about my birthday, but it wasn’t really that eventful. I think I would have preferred another home party. More than likely won’t be going out again. To tell you the truth, I didn’t enjoy myself at all, really.  Oh well. Birthdays tend to be sucky anyway.

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Cocktails Everywhere!

Lads, lads, lads, lads…. I have no words. I love the internet. You know why I love the internet? Because it gives me such beautiful things as:

Hufflepuff shot   The Hufflepuff Shot.  Ravenclaw shot  The Ravenclaw Shot.

Slytherin shot  The Slytherin Shot.      Gryffindor shot  The Gryffindor Shot.

The internet is a beautiful thing… Especially seeing as there’s 16 more cocktails on the site got to do with Harry Potter.

I’ve also been lead to Lord of the Rings cocktails    and shots.  

Not to mention Pokemon shots The Eeveelution of Shots (Pokemon shot set)Ingredients:Eevee:1/4 simple syrup1 oz Bourbon whiskeydash Angostura bittersdash Orange bittersVaporeon:3/4 oz Blue Curacao3/4 oz VodkaJolteon:3/4 oz Limoncello3/4 citrus Vodka1/4 tsp sugar to dissolveFlareon:1 oz Fire Water (Hot Cinnamon Schnapps)1/2 oz Bacardi 151 1 pinch cinnamonEspeon:1 oz Hpnotiq1/2 oz Gin1/8 oz Grenadine Umbreon:1 oz. Kraken Black Spiced Rum1/2 oz Coconut rumLeafeon:1 oz. Midori1/2 oz. Light rum1/3 oz. GinGlaceon:3/4 oz Irish cream3/4 oz Ice 101 peppermint schnapps Directions: All of but two of the shots (Flareon and Glaceon) can be made simply by mixing the ingredients in a shot glass.  For Flareon, layer the Bacardi 151 on top and light on fire.  Sprinkle the pinch of cinnamon over the fire for a cool effect.  For Glaceon, layer the Ice 101 peppermint schnapps on top of the Irish cream.“Because its genetic makeup is irregular, it quickly changes its form due to a variety of causes.” -Pokedex entry for Eevee in Pokemon Black and WhiteDrink created and photographed by Eddie Strickland.    Portal  The Portal Two (Portal 2 cocktails)Ingredients:Blue CuracaoVodkaLemonade CointreauRum Orangina Small tumblersDirections: “This drink is, of course, designed to resemble the two coloured portals from the excellent sci-fi puzzle game. For the blue version, get a small tumbler and pour in 10ml of Blue Curacao, 10ml of vodka and top up with lemonade. For orange you’ll need another tumbler, this time filled with 10ml of Cointreau, 10ml of rum and Orangina. If you fancy, you can jazz the glasses up with coloured sugar rims. Simply pour some sugar into a sandwich bag with the relevant food colouring, shake them up, pour the resulting mix into a dish and dip your tumbler in. “You can mix the portals together if you like,” says James. “It’s a very orangey flavour, which we thought tied in with The Orange Box, the compilation in which the original Portal appeared.”The finest beverage breakthroughs from the Aperture alcohol research labs. Drink them in the name of science. You monster.Drink created by James Dance of Loading for an article in The Guardian. Check out the article for the rest of the drinks and check out Loading for a great gaming bar and cafe.

Resident Evil   G and T Virus (Resident Evil Cocktail)Loading is a gaming cafe and bar located in Cornwall, England.  For Resident Evil’s 15th Anniversary, they teamed up with Capcom and created this wicked G and T Virus cocktail.  Loading’s website describes the drink as “a healthy dose of Plymouth Gin and Tonic with lime and sugar syrup in a high ball glass topped off with our own T virus syringe of Bombay Saphire Gin and Blue Curacao.” Loading- Gaming Cafe and Bar   The Sims  

and a Flaming Homer  

It’s a wonderful place isn’t it?

Of course, it’s also a place where you get things like this… funny facebook fails - Immediately Unfriend

And this… fashion fail - How Does He Speak?   and this twilight tattoo…  oh no he didnt



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Tommy, Paddy and Amurica.

This week, has been the most eventful that I can remember in a long time.  I’ve been coughing up an alien for seven days now, and it’s only beginning to get better, which is wonderful, seeing as it wouldn’t let me sleep beforehand. But enough on that. That was not what was awesome about my week.

I brought Jamie to see Tommy Tiernan for his birthday. For anyone who doesn’t know, Tommy Tiernan is a brilliant Irish comedian, quite controversial and energetic, but hilarious to see all the same. He was doing a “Tour of Limerick” and we went to the last show he had, in the Strand. After that, he went of on a “World Tour of Kerry.” I didn’t think the Strand, a four star hotel, would have the facilities for a world famous comedian, seeing as they’d usually be playing theaters and concert halls. But it was a first come, first serve sort of thing with no set places, and of course, as soon as Jamie found out, he had to arrive an hour before the doors opened to make 100% sure we’d get a front row seat. And sure enough we did. Which had pros and cons.

Pro: We were at the front. Tommy could see us.

Con: We were at the front, Tommy could see us.

As I mentioned previous, I had a rather bad cough, which meant I couldn’t laugh out loud, or else I’d be heaving and spluttering, which is very hard when you’re going to see a comedian. Especially when said comedian calls out people in the audience. But luckily, I avoided that. There were much more attractive chances for him. Especially when he gave the kicker: “Limerick’s just one big halting site, isn’t it?”

But, another plus of arriving early, we got to see him before the show too.

Paddy’s Day. Or St. Patrick’s Day. I didn’t do too much that day. but again, Jamie appears in this story. I went to the Paddy’s Day Parade, really for the sole reason of watching him march with the Reserve Defense Forces.

There he is, third face from the bottom. I dunno what the sight did to me, but the only way to put it was swooning. I was swooning. On the inside, of course.

I heard from him later that they had to march about five miles, including their warm up. Doesn’t sound too bad, until you realize how ridiculously heavy the boots are, and when marching, you stomp, it starts to seem a bit more difficult.  Of course he became all modest and bashful when I told him the effect he had on me, but the effect was still there.

Other than that, all I did Paddy’s Day was have two drinks with my parents. I’m a failure of an Irish person.

I baked a strawberry cake for my mother for Mammy’s Day. 

Based of the “Strawberry Shortcake” demonstrated by Crumb Boss. Theirs always looks better, though.

And my father’s finally gone to Texas today for work, for eight weeks. It’s hitting the high twenties this week too, which is a difference from the tens of Limerick. He left at six in the morning for Shannon Airport, and I don’t think it’s really hit me yet that he’s gone. I’ll probably realize after he doesn’t come home after a few days.

So yeah. Eventful week.

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Disney Everywhere!

I dunno… I thought I’d written stuff before… but I suppose it didn’t go through.

So anyway, I can’t remember half of what I wrote, so it’ll be short and sweet.

I was browsing Youtube and somehow I found myself listening to Part of Your World in The Little Mermaid, so now I’m on a Disney binge. Listening to everything Disney that I like and in Chronological order, here. My own playlist filled with my favz, babez.

I do, however remember posting some pictures… ;

Like a historically accurate Belle, with more princesses here;


Or this image of a Twisted Esmeralda, each one of these comes with a background story and there’s more here.

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