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Never Thought I’d Do This

So right now it’s the last day of September and on the first of October I’ll be starting a new diet/exercise regime for a month.

Let me clarify, I never thought I’d be one of those bloggers who’d do a diet blogging series, because I’m not doing it for attention. If I wanted attention I’d go to Facebook and say something like “OMG I’m so fat I hate myself. Waaaaah.” But no. I also want to make a point now, I am not doing it to look like this:

I am not that unhappy with my appearance. I do love my face, my hips, my bum and my tits. I would just like to get within a healthy BMI range. I will be going no where near underweight, I will be staying within a healthy weight.

Right now, I am 5ft 3″ and 140 pounds, or if you want to go with the better system 160cm and 64kg and that gives me a BMI of 24.9

So I am barely under ‘overweight’. Just barely.

I don’t have a goal weight, seeing as that never really motivates me much. My plan is to diet until Hallowe’en and see what weight I hit. If I reach 57kg (which is 9 stone and I’m currently 10 stone 1) then I’ll stop dieting so drastically and keep that weight. But if I think I look too skinny and yuck, I’ll put up a bit more but keep it under 10 stone. Now I know BMI is a very untrustworthy way of telling where you are, but a the moment it’s all I’ve got. šŸ™‚

I also know the deal with diets. They’re not a permanentĀ solution. They will only work for a long period of time if you permanently change your diet. That’s why you get girls saying things like “OMG I was on this diet for like two weeks and it’s not working!” That’s because they diet and diet and diet for the period of time they’re told to. Then when the diet’s over, they binge. Think about it. If you reduce your calorie intake for two weeks or so, you will lose weight. But if, after that you start taking in the exact sameĀ amountĀ of calories you were eating before you dieted, of course you’re going to put it all back up.

The diet will be reduced portions for a month. Then, depending on my weight then, I’ll edit it, to keep the weight down, but not so drastically.

So, diet method: reduce portions, half what I would usually eat each day. Three meals a day and one little snack. If I get hungry in between, I’ll drink water. Lots and lots of water. Will also be walking to and from college as often as possible. There’s a point tomorrow where I will in no way be able to walk, because I’ll have a cake on my lap. A cake which I’m bring in to the OutInUL members meeting. A cake which I baked from scratch and cannot eat. Oh well. I’ll hit obstacles on my way. I’ll also create allowances for drinking every two weeks if not less. And then, only spirits, because they hold the least amount of calories.

Also, I’m poor. Give me money.


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I WILL Make This Happen

But it might take 50 years. Even if it takes 50 years. I will make all of these to perfection.

meme cakes

That is all…

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What To Do When You Get Home Early?

What to do when you get home early?

Why, bake of course! Todays endevour was Coconut Cream Cake. And was quite yummy, I must say. It turned out good, most of my baking does. Not in an arrogant way, of course. My problems usually come when I get to decoration. I have never been able to successfully make icing and garnish a cake or cupcake or muffin in an attractive way. Although I have had success with biscuits before, for some reason icing seems to elude me. However today I finally managed to get it right. And it came out looking prettier then most of my other cakes ever have. I’m moving on up in the world of baking, I’ll be making Baked Alaska and Chocolate Shuffle before you know it.

I don’t have any pictures transferred yet, so in the mean time, here’s some witty Oz pictures.

I need an Oz tattoo… like, now. XP

Actual baking pictures now,


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